You’re Overcomplicating EVERYTHING

Ticketmaster almost made me miss the Metallica concert coming up on Monday.

Those bastards.

I understand the need to protect their site from spambots but c'mon, do you really need to make captchas unreadable, audio captchas unlistenable (can ANYONE understand what the hell they're saying? I seriously doubt it).

They're taking it way to far.

If you are trying to sell things online (or anywhere for that matter) keep things SIMPLE.

Most people tend to overcomplicate things way to the point that it drives people away.

Aside from me bitching about overcomplicated captchas, one of my friends in my mastermind group mentioned the other day that he tends to overcomplicate many of mis marketing strategies.

He's not alone. We all do it.

One of the best markting gurus in the world, Frank Kern, sent me (and everyone else on his list) an email a few minutes after this fiasco and discussed the same thing.

Instead of complex sales processes like setting up lead capture pages, shooting a sales video and writing hyped-up ad copy, collecting email addresses, getting affiliate partners on board to help promote, then up-selling /  down-selling, he says he is now taking a much simpler approach and getting just as good results, with much less work.

Look at your business or your sales process and cut the fat from what is necessary to making the sale.

That is what is important (aside from giving good customer service of course, but you need to make the sale before you can provide service to a customer 😉 )

Do you tend to over complicate things? You probably do.

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Lauren Bradley

Listened to you on the “Hangout” tonight, and looked you up on facebook. Like your stuff! REAL, and to the point, no pretence – – love that! Learning as I go, and look forward to seeing more of your stuff! lol


Thanks for the kind words Lauren! Glad that you enjoyed the Hangout. It was a lot of fun. Look forward to seeing you in Austin maybe?

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