What Are You Willing to do for Success?

So many people want more in life, and yet so few are willing to do anything about it.

When you want success as bad as you want to breathe, that's when you are going to have the breakthrough you want and deserve.

As I write this, I'm waiting for my plane in the Bellingham airport on my way to the “Fight the Forces of Evil” Empower Network event. To say I am excited to be going is a bit of an understatement.

I have to admit that Tuesday night it was looking like I wasn't going to make it and yet on Wednesday morning, a few funny things happened that showed me that the universe wanted me there… so I obliged 😉

An event like this is life changing. I know that already and I'm not even there yet.

A friend of mine from the UK is flying over just for the event.


Because he knows the value of what we are going to witness once we're there.

Sometimes, you need to do things that will make you uncomfortable.

Sometimes you need to go out on a limb.

Sometimes you need to jump on a plane and fly across the world.

Sometimes you need to share a hotel toom with a stranger.

If that's what it takes to surround yourself with 3,000+ success oriented people, and learn from some of the top internet marketers on the planet, then that's what you need to do.

Look deep inside of yourself and ask yourself how bad do you want it?

What are you willing to do to get the success you want?

When you realize that you're sick and tired of “just getting by” or even worse, struggling to get by, you'll do what it takes.

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