What Are Proclamations?

Proclamations are a powerful way to get into your preferred state and put positive vibrations out to the universe. By doing proclamations at least once a day it helps you to start off the day on the right foot…and it just feels great to be positive and tell yourself great things.

Here’s some that I came up with for myself. Feel free to use these for yourself, add to them or use them as a guideline.

I am successful in life and in business.

I am happy and in love.

I am financially wealthy.

I am healthy and in great shape.

I am well liked by my friends and my colleagues.

I am free to do whatever I want, when I want and with whoever I want.

I am a good person to work for / with.

I am highly efficient.

I am well organized.

I am on time for meetings and appointments.

I am skilled in my profession and my activities.

I am inspiring to others.

I am grateful for everyone in my life.

I am always learning.

I am loyal to my friends.

I am worthy of all the things that I desire.

I am always bettering myself in the different areas of my life.

Feel free to add, remove or edit these to suite you better.


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