The Power of Breath

To continue off from my post yesterday, I thought I'd share my experience of my god friend Robin's “Breath Wave” class. As I've mentioned before, I'd done this a handful of times, the first 2 times were in Los Cabos, Mexico where Robin lives.

Because I had done this a few times before, I knew what to expect but this time was a little different. I think I was more aware of what was happening so I was more present mentally.

Talking with others who have experienced the Breath Wave, I think my sensations are similar to what they experience as far as tingly sensations but many who I know haven't experienced the intensity that I do, at least in the way that I do.

It's hard to describe in a way other than than I feel a mass wave of energy encompass most of my body, particularly concentrated in my hands. I could feel what was like a softball size ball of energy in between my hands and wherever I laid my hands on my body, I could feel the energy absorbed into the part of me.

I joked that it would be cool to be able to shoot fireballs out of my palms but it almost felt that I could with a little bit more practice.

After our hour breathing session, I asked Cheryl to hold my hand to see if there would be an exchange of energy and if she could feel the energy that I was emitting. We separated hands and as she slowly raised and lowered her hand above mine, I could feel the ball of energy pulsate in strength as she moved her hand away and then bring it back closer to mine again and again.

I later had Robin put his hand above my heart to see if the wave of energy that was rushing through my body was just my imagination or if he could feel it to. He could.

I really have no idea what all this means, other than I think the energy I created was a really cool feeling. Will I one day be able to heal myself with it? Will I be able to blast holes in brick walls upon command? I have no ida but it sure was a cool experience.

If you are an open minded person (and you should be), I suggest you check out Robin the next time he is passing through and try out the Breath Wave. Who knows, you might just discover an inner energy force you never knew you had lying deep within you.

Thanks to Robin Clements at for the session!

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