Taking MASSIVE Action

So many people who are trying to make money online get caught up in analysis paralysis.

Information overload.

Learning is great and I encourage it but I suggest to get in the routine of learn one thing and then implement it right away.

It's better to learn> action > more action > even more action > repeat than to learn > learn > learn > learn > until you have it down perfect before trying to do something.

Learning just enough to be lethal and then failing your way forward will get you much further ahead than waiting to have things perfect. With enough imperfect action, you'll eventually get it perfect (or close to it) anyway.

Real life learning experiences trump book smarts any day of the week. So get out there and get the experiences you need in order to be successful at whatever it is that you;re trying to do.

Don't get caught up in the cycle of learning and fail to go out and and get the job done.

Your immediate success depends on it.

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