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I'm going to continue on from yesterday's post, where I discussed what is attraction marketing and how it can help you grow your business.

I'm also going to refer back another post where I talked about being an expert or authority in your industry.

To be able to attract people to you, you need to give them a reason to why they should get ahold of you to do business with you. Knowing what the heck you are talking about is a good first step.

But what if you aren't an expert at whatever it is that you want to discuss?

Should you fake it until you make it like others suggest?

I advise against it. People can see right through that shit and what if you start spouting little white lies here are there? They won't hurt anyone wil they?

You bet they will. They will hurt YOU.

People are smarter that you think and have big ole bullshit detectors these days so keep everything on the up and up. If you're just starting out or you haven't had major success yet, that's ok. Be honest and tell people that is the case.

People are drawn to honest, genuine people (being able to make them laugh once in a while doesn't hurt either) so be honest and genuine.

I suggest being yourself and tell people if you just learned the topic you're talking about, say “I was just watching this video and was inspired to share you the highlights of what I learned with you.”

Not only will it help others and save them time from trying to find out themselves, you've taken your new nuggets of information and driven them further into your permanent knowledge bank.

Being able to write down or speak intelligently about what you just learned will help it stick into your brain.

Becoming more intelligent about what interests you. Good.

Getting that new information locked into your brain. Great.

Sharing your  new found smartness with the world. Knock it outta the park awesome.

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