Rid Yourself of Self Limiting Beliefs

Unless you are already mega successful, I'm willing to bet that you have some self limiting beliefs.

It's ok if you do. Most people do.

For whatever reason, many of us have thoughts that we aren't good enough to achieve a specific goal, especially if it is a lofty one.

For example, let's say that you make $20/hour. You may make more, you may make less. Either way, it's all good.

If you were told that someone was making $20,000 per month, do you think you could do it too?

What if you were given an exact blueprint to follow?

Many of you may be thinking it isn't possible. Or that it is possible for others to do it, but not you.

If so, that is your mind talking to you with your self limiting beliefs.

You might think that if you were to get focused and start kicking some ass that you might be able to reach a $5,000 or maybe even an $8,000 per month goal.

Yet for some reason that larger $20K target seems out of reach for you.

It's all mental. Work on recognizing what self limiting beliefs you have and then run them over with a steam roller.

This posts wasn't intended to be a rar-rar-rar cheerleading post of YOU CAN DO IT! (although I believe you can). It was meant to make you aware of the little lies your mind is trying to convince you of.

Until you absolutely, 100% know that you can and WILL hit your goals, you won't do it.

Do whatever it takes to rid yourself of your self limiting beliefs and start kicking some ass.

If that means, reading books or listening to inspirational audios, then do it.

It it means for you to start hanging around people who are trying to make improvements in themselves to live a better life do it.

If it means aligning yourself with a vehicle for you to achieve those goals, do it.

Do whatever it takes.

You deserve it.

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