Are You Planting Seeds For a Better Tomorrow?

I wanted to share an update with you from 2 things that happened to me today as a result from what I talked about in my blog post from yesterday.

Some might chalk it up to a mere coincidence and they might be right…but I don't think do.

Yesterday I discussed that my goal is to help others in any way shape or form that I could. I know that if I help others get what they want then I in turn will get what I want.

Pretty simple concept, right?

Well, after creating my post and sharing around the internet, not only did I get some great comments from people who said I was doing a great job, I woke up t an email saying that I made some commissions (which is always nice) as a direct result of my blog. Pretty cool I thought.

Later in the day I received a phone from out of the blue.

Someone who was planning on attending one of my mobile marketing presentations 2 months ago but couldn't make it wanted to me to build him a mobile friendly website (as well as re-do his current main site).

Kind of strange I thought seeing as how he didn't even make it to the presentation.

I continue to ask him about his business and he does some work similar to what my current goal is with helping people create wealth and prosperity through self empowerment courses.

He asked if I'd be interested in helping him with is marketing in exchange for a percentage of his ticket sales.

Whether or not I decide to work with him, I think it is a little more than a coincidence. Much more.

Here's a recap.

  • I created a video saying I want to help people live a better life.
  • I took action and shared it around the interwebs (specifically in Law of Attraction Facebook groups).
  • I woke up to see someone liked my post and had enough curiosity to look further into what I'm doing on my website and they purchase a product I am an affiliate for which makes me some money (I can help you do the same by the way).
  • I then get a phone call our of the blue from someone who has more experience than I do doing something similar to what I am trying to accomplish for a proposed partnership and hire me for my services.

Is all of this some mega coincidence? I don't think so one bit.

What are your thoughts?

Think about what you are doing / can do / can do more of to help others and how those actions could help you lead a better life.

Then do more of it.

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Thanks for reading / watching!

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