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Tonight I went to my good friend Robin's “breathwave” class. I like to call it “Extreme Breathing”, cause in my mind that's basically what it is. You breathe in deeply with your stomach and then exhale quickly…repeat for an hour.

I think this is my 6th time doing it over the years and while I always thought it was cool or interesting, I think I'm now beginning to really dig it. (Part of me thinks that I have super human powers but I'll dive deeper into that tomorrow πŸ˜‰ )

The things is, many year ago, when I was in my early 20's, I probably would have though it was lame / weird / insert other close minded adjective here.

Now that I'm a little wiser (I have the grey hairs to prove it), I'm a lot more open minded to a lot more things. Being more open minded has lead to be grow tremendously as a person and I know have accepted certain ideologies that I would have scoffed at or disagreed with back in the day.

I feel that too many people are too narrow minded and are too quick to dismiss things.

What if you passed by the opportunity to meet an amazing person because of the way they dressed? They could have benen your new best friend.

What if you passed up on a new business opportunity because you thought you knew it all already. It could have been your ticket to fortune.

What if you passed up on trying a new food item at the new restaurant that opened up? It could have been your new favorite food.

Life is all about experiences. It's not about possessions or status.

Living with a closed mind will prevent you from experiencing so many things.

Open your mind and set yourself free. You might just discover that you have super hero powers as well.

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