Income Producing Activities


Without having a proper game plan for your day, you are more likely to waste time doing “busy” work like checking emails, watching videos and other things that are NOT making you money…. STOP IT!

Instead focus on doing Income Producing Activities.

What are Income Producing Activities?

They are tasks that will actually result in you making money!

Crazy idea right?

My advice is to do them first thing in the day when you sit down to work so you can get through them and put them behind you.

If you screw around after doing your Income Producing Activities then no big deal…you already have accomplished what is important to your business.

Some examples of Income Producing Activities are :

-Creating content like videos and blogs and syndicating them throughout the internet so people can see them.

– placing new ads or monitoring the performance of existing ones

– emailing your list

-building relationships with people who are in your target market

What tasks are NOT Income Producing Activities?

– creating “to do” lists

– checking email

– watching videos on Facebook

Focus the majority of your time on Income Producing Activities and you will make more money!

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Income Producing Activities


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