I Love You


I love you…no really, I do!

I'm grateful for each and very one of you reading this.


I'm also grateful for the interweb, not only because it allows me to make a living from the comfort of my home but for connecting me to cool and amazing people like yourself and my amazing girlfriend.


Let me tell you a story of how Amanda and I met.


6 years ago, internet dating sites were starting to pop up but they weren't as common as they are now. It was considered crazy to post a real photo of yourself online for others to see.

“Doesn't that make you look desperate?” some people would ask.


The truth of the matter is, I didn't care what other people thought. I wanted to meet people who I normally wouldn't be able to meet in my every day life.

And that is exactly what happened.


So I decided to break the rules (as if there were any at that time) and place a singles ad on Craigslist.

Why not right?


I had bought electronics, sold couches, met a good roommate with success in the past, so why not meet a girl?


So I placed my ad and it worked. I had met some really cool girls on there but when I met Amanda, I knew she was the one.


We hit it off in a big way and within a few days, she was staying at my house every night.


Within a couple of weeks I asked her to move in.


She said she wasn't quite ready yet (although she never went home either) so eventually I just went out and bought a wardrobe for her to keep her clothes in.


Amanda and I

She never left.


And I've never been happier.


Fast forward 6 years and we are still together, as happy as 2 people could possibly be and still so much in love.


Because we come from different backgrounds, I honestly don't think we ever would have met otherwise.


Just like however it is that you and I met online.


Whether you are on my email list, we are friends on Facebook or you;re seeing this in a group somewhere, I believe you are reading this and we have connected for a reason.


I never used to believe in that sort of thing, but I do now.


Everything happens for a reason and like I said before I am so grateful for the internet for bring us together (both you and I and Amanda and I).


So much love for each and every one of you.


Thank you for being you!


And to the interweb…I owe you one 😉


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