How to make Craigslist Image Ads

Craigslist image ads can be a gtreat way to market your business.

For one, it's free. Gotta like that.

Secondly, Craigslist gets a lot of eyeballs each day.

Plus, so many people post lousy ads full of text that don't jump off the page so if you use eye popping Craigslist image ads, it is easy for your ads to stand out from the all the others.

First, get an image done. Make sure to include a good call to action telling people to clkick on hte image in exchange for something. I usually use a video becasue everyone likes watching a video.

I also like to say things like “Click here to learn how to …” or “Click here to find out how you can …”.

People are curious. Take advantage of that.

If you need to get an image created, a good site to use is

You can find people to create you ad for you id you search for “Craigslist image ads” or something of the like.

Once you have your image you'll need to host it., I use the free image hosting site site

Once you have upload your image, copy the URL of the image and paste it into the code below. Make sure that it goes in between the quotes!

<a href=”“><img src=”http://YourImageFromPhotoWebsiteGoesHere.jpg“></a>

Next, copy and paste the url that you want people to go in the appropriate place in the above code.

Feel free to sprinkle some keywords that people might be typing in inside of Craigslist. Do this below the code (totally separate of the code so it doesn't mess things up.

I also suggest using the following code in the line or your title to help it jump pit from all the other ads. ” &#9608;&#9658;  ” DO NOT use the quotes, just whatever is inside of them.

I typically choose not to show my email address on the ad so if the person wants more information they have to go through your lead generation process in order to get to you.

That is it. It is creally easly. DOn't let the coding scare you. It is just copy and paste!

Now get out there and make some Craigslist image ads for your business.

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