Getting Your Content Found Online

Now that you've got your killer content that is going to help position you as a badass in your industry, you need to get people to find it right?

If nobody is ever going to see your masterpiece, it's about as useless as a billboard in the middel of the dessert.

So how do you get your content found online?

I'm glad that you asked!

  1. Make a list of all the top video sharing or article sites online.
  2. Create accounts on as many as you see fit to
  3. Upload your video to them all one by one
  4. Make sure to title your video after your main keyword
  5. Put your link to your website / blog / sales page first thing in the description making sure to include the http://
  6. Put your main and secondary keywords inside the description
  7. Put your main and secondary keywords as tags
  8. Get your friends / fans / followers to view, like and comment directly on the video helps it to rank (this acts as social proof which Google loves)

Now I know what some of you are thinking. That kind a sounds time consuming right? It is.

Lucky for you I have some shortcuts.

There are a few different submission programs out on the market but the most popular one is called Traffic Geyser.

Instead of paying a monthly fee for this serice, I recommend shcking out a site which might possibly be the best site in the interweb.

As the name suggests, you can get anything listed on the site done for 5 measly bucks, including submitting your articles and videos to to a bunch of sites.

While not everything on the site is top quality stuff, there are some pretty amazing things that people will do for less than the price of a Big Mac.

Submitting your videos to Traffic Geyser or your article to article sites is one of them.

You can also buy views, likes and other social signals that Google like. Be warned, don't overdue it with getting too many likes. It might exciting to have 1,000 likes on your videos but most of the time it looks unnatural which is not a good thing.

Googles sees and knows all. Trust me on this one.

With your killer content posted on all the best videos and article sites, you have a better chance of people coming across your content and buying your products and services if they like what they see.

Now get out there and get your videos found online!

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Thanks for reading / watching!

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