Do the Opposite of Everyone Else

Have you ever noticed how everyone does or says the same things in business?

Most people / companies are doing EXACTLY what their competitors are doing, and where does it get them?

The same results that everyone else gets.

If everyone is saying something similar, it makes every single offer and opportunity sound the same. What makes them unique?

Even if their opportunity was the best, what would make the reader sign up with the person that posted it versus anyone else associated with the same product or service?

After all, people do business with people, not businesses.

People prefer to do business with others that they know, like and trust not people who are overly hypey or in their face.

Doing the opposite of everyone is a great way to stand out form the pack and get known in a hurry.

Case in point. I've been posting my blog posts in various Facebook marketing groups where 95% or people are spamming the walls with “This is the best opportunity ever!!! Make $20,000 by tomorrow!”

It's all hype.

So what do I do instead?

Posting content that helps / inspires / educate / entertains others, will not only help you stand out but will also build rapport and draw people to you instead of being all in their face.

Today I received an email from someone who said “I have been following some of your posts on the ___ group here on Facebook. I would love to learn more about how to work with you!”

Now why would they contact me and ask how the can work with me?

Because they see me as someone who has something that can add value to them and help them achieve their goals.

I'm attracting them to me instead of trying to sell or convince them to join me in my business.

Do you see what a difference that is from what everyone is doing?

It's not only about positioning but also about genuinely wanting to help others.

So instead of trying to sell, be in a position to help and add value in their lives and your business will go a lot further.

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