Building Rapport with Video Marketing

I lied to you yesterday. Before you go calling me evil names and telling your friends that I'm a liar, let  me explain. I said I was going to explain how to get your content out there for the world to see.

I do plan on doing that, but before I do, I figured that I should explain what kind of content that I recommend you do.

Instead of writing short tweets or quoting some famous dead guy (neither of which are going to propel you to expert status any time soon), I recommend actually creating content with some meat to it. 145 characters just isn't going to cut it (unless you're linking to your meaty content).

Writing articles and syndicating them to various article sharing sites is one way of doing it, I prefer creating videos (as if you couldn't tell by my 49th consecutive video post).

Videos are a great way to build rapport with people and to give them a better understanding of who you are as a person and what you can do to help with solve their problems.

*Side note* For those of you that don't yet know, the key to making money and selling things is to address a problem that your target marketing has and then solve that problem with your product or services as your solution to their problem.

Some of you might not want to make your own videos becasue you're afraid of being in front of the camera.

My advice to you… get over it.

Can't get over it? Do screen capture videos of a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation.

What is a screen capture video? You'll need to use a some special software to record your desktop. I use Screenflow for Mac but if you're a PC user, you can use Camtasia or Jing. You can also put your pretty mug in the corner of the presentation so you can combine the best of both worlds so people can see who it is that is talking to them (which is key to be able to build rapport).

Chances are if you've never made a video before, especially one where you are talking to the camera, you are going to suck. Guess what? Everyone sucks at first. I did. So will you. Like anything tyou need to start somewhere.

Like anything keep on doing it, be consistent and you'll get better. Trust me.

I watched my first video a while back and I was terrible. I kept at it and look at me now.

I'm still terrible but I just don't care anymore (I'm teasing, I don't think I'm terrible but I was when I started).

While you don't need fancy cameras and lighting, I do recommend splurging on a microphone. Having good audio is key. I use the Blue Yeti and also use the Audio Technica lavalier lic for my Kodak Z1-8 when I'm on the go.

If you don't want to spend any money, just use your built in camera on your iPhone or Android.

The main point is to just start creating videos and share your ideas and learnings with the world.

Make sure to check back tomorrow where I'll make good on my white lie form yesterday 😉

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