Treat Your Business Like a Business

There is so much hype and bullshit in the home based business industry.

No wonder people think they can just sign up for a given program and sit back and collect cheques without actually doing anything.

People need to realize that it is indeed just that…a business!

You wouldn’t open up a brick and mortar type business, pay tens of thousands of dollars for a franchising fee, hire staff, pay for advertising and everything else that goes along with it and not take your business seriously would you?

Of course not!

Yet so many many people who get started marketing online with big dollar signs in their eyes won’t do the steps necessary to make $10,000+ per month?

Why is that? I believe it is becasue of the hype and over glamorization that it is so easy to make money online.

And yes it can be easy to make money online if you:

a) know what you’re doing and / or

b) follow the steps laid out from a mentor / team leader who has had success

c) take consistent action

d) put systems in place

e) do whatever it takes to make it happen.

f) never give up

People have the visions that they can do little if any work and yet they want to sip mai tais on the beach.

You need to remember that while it is possible to get to that point, you need to set up the foundation first and put out a bunch of lead magnets and automated systems in place to continue to grow your business.

Whatever your business is promoting, it probably has the potential to do $100,000- $250,000/ year.

Start treating it like that.

You won’t be making money like that (or anywhere close to that) until you start acting like you have a quarter million dollar per year business.

It’s time for you to take ownership and pull up the slack.

Make it happen.

You deserve it.

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