Tough Love Is Still Love

Today was my weekly mastermind call with a small group of fellow marketing friends.

Our call was good as usual, but it wasn't like other calls that we normally have when we share ideas and strategize on how to be more successful. It started out like that, but all of a sudden it took a sudden turn.

It got a little uncomfortable.

For the past few weeks things have started to sway off of course a little bit and one of the other guys called us all on it. Next thing you know everyone as voicing their opinions without holding anything back…which was great. Some of the things said were said in order to make us a better group and have more efficient meetings. Not everything was easy to hear but in was definitely for the better.

When it was my turn to talk I addressed an problem that has been holding me back from being more productive and shared it with the group.

The problem was me.

I'm honest with myself to the point where I know what both my strengths and my weaknesses are. For the past while, I've been been letting my main weakness get the best of me without challenging it.

It can't continue. I won't let it.

So I exposed myself and shared it with the group. And they were there for me.

Sometimes you need tough love. From others and from yourself.

Not to dwell on it, but to give you a good smack upside of the head and get back on track.

Holding things back is just cheating yourself and others around you so don't do it. You don't deserve it and neither do they.

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