Success Principles of Leaders

This lesson on becoming a Successful Network Marketing Leader will be hard for some people to understand at first and many will get defensive about it.

But then they think about it for a while they will understand that it is the truth.

In order to grow a large Network Marketing organization, you need to realize that everyone will be qualified to work with you DIRECTLY one on one.

What I mean by that is talking to everyone individually without them first proving to you that they are worth your time.

I don’t mean not to help people or not be there for your team, I just mean help people in a group environment like a team group on Facebook or a team website. Somewhere where everyone can see the answers to the common questions so that it benefits everyone.

People need to learn to be resourceful and use tools like Google and Youtube to find out the answers on their own which can easily be done.

The people that are QUALIFIED to get your attention are those that have proven themselves to you by doing work and getting results.

By “work” that could be anything like doing a video challenge your team sets out, a blog challenge, talking to X# of prospects a day or heaven forbid something like hosting home parties if that’s what your team still teaches.

I would also suggest that they have upgraded to the highest levels of product ownership (or at LEAST a midway point at the very minimum).

People who are at the basic levels either don’t see the value in working with you or your team or if they did, they would be busting their ass and getting results and then upgrading as they can do it…which also ties back into them taking action and getting results).

Lastly, as a Network Marketing Leader, you need to be ok with the fact that not everyone is going to make it in our industry. That is hard to hear for people who like myself, want to see everyone succeed. Not everyone has what it takes to make it or are willing to put in the work in order to be successful.

Everyone has the potential but not everyone will work up to their potential.

You can motivate them, inspire them and give them the tools and resources to do it, but ultimately, it is up to them to make it happen.

The faster that you adopt these success principles of a Network Marketing Leader the faster you yourself will have success….and it gives something for your teammates to work towards.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson on becoming a Network Marketing Leader.

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