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The answer is not a flashy website or custom twitter page (although those things don't hurt).It is mastering the art of copywriting.For those of you that don't know what that is, copywriting is quite simply,sales in print.The most effective way is being very subtle and taking the reader along an emotional journey,identifying their problems or issues and then relieving them with a solution to their problem…YOUR PRODUCT!

“Copy writing is not about building a bridge from your product to the prospect, but building a bridge from your prospect to your product.” – Doug D'Anna

When asked to Mike Dillard “If your computer crashed today,and all of your lists were erased, and magically all of the you money in your bank account was taken at the same time, how would you rebuild your company? (alright it wasn't worded exactly like that,but that was the general idea for the question ; ). Mike responded with pay Per Click and Copywriting skills would bring him back to a 7 figure income within a year….and let's face it, it JUST MAKES SENSE!! If you spend all of your time presenting your products and company, how many presentation could you give in a day? In a week? Once you effectively master the art of copywriting, that little article or newsletter, if written well, can sell your products thousands of times over for you. WAY more than you could ever do yourself.That's a fact that you can take to the bank!

Some of the world's best copywriters have made MILLIONS of dollars of of one article/story and having it only ever run twice! If that's not enough motivation for you, then I don't know what is!

One of the best techniques for learning how to copywright well, is to take a well written letter, and write it out by hand a few time. your brain will begin to learn the style,form and wording used within that letter.
Check out
This regarded by many to be the BEST COPYWRITTEN STORY OF ALL TIME!!
It is explained in each section as to why each section was so powerful. **Must read**

I am making it my new personal goal to become a copywriting ninja! Look at me go!

If you want to learn from the best, click here and pick up the course which is taught by Mike Dillard,Jay Abraham and Ken McCarthy and as always, Mike gives you one full year to use the course and if you're not 100% happy with it,you can get all of your money back,no questions asked.How can you pass that up?

I just got started last night and it was AMAZING!!!
Hope this is of value to you guys!

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