Punk Rock, Crystal Meth and Your Why?

Is your “Why” strong enough to push you though your darkest times?

I watched a pretty cool documentary the other day about an old school punk rock band from Edmonton, Alberta called S.N.F.U.

They were one of my favorite bands growing up (I still really like them) and were the first live concert I ever went to go see.

I snuck out of my house in grade 7 and went down the to Kamloops Christian Education Center and that is where I met 2 of my longest friends, Rick and Bruce. (Love you guys!)

I remember Joel Moore doing s stage dive and the crowd parted like the Red Sea. He slammed on the floor and broke his collar bone. That has nothing to do with the story other than I remember how painful that looked. Ouch!

Anyway, back to the story at hand.

S.N.F.U grew a large following because of their energetic music, catchy lyrics and the craziness of their stage show, led by singer Chi Pig (his real name is Ken Chin).

They toured like crazy and released a couple of albums. One night while on tour, Chi and a fan smashed heads causing Chi to be in a lot of pain. Apparently, that blow was enough to trigger his schizophrenia.

He was never the same since.

Long story short, soon after the band split up, Chi moved to Vancouver and became addicted to crystal meth and cocaine to try to cure his depression brought on by his schizophrenia.

He lost he teeth from the drugs and lived on the streets or in his friends van when he could.

He became a permanent resident on the downtown Vancouver east side and was in a very dark place in his life for years, even once almost throwing himself in front of a train to end it all.

On the 25th year anniversay of the band, Chi reached out to his former bandmates to reform and play a show.

Nobody returned his calls.

Having control of 51% of the band, he decided to hell with it and formed his own band using the original name. It was very well received by the fans.

They decided to do a 6 day Western Canada road trip. Chi had never been clean for that long but knew he couldn't be string out on the road. Somehow he had to do it.

Much to the delight of his bandmates and fans alike, he was able to keep it under control for the trip.

From the success of that trip, they booked shows in Costa Rica and then in Europe.

Chi once again had a purpose to live.

He still dewlls in his dark place when he is alone and without others around him or without purpose of being creative with his art or with his music.

When he is with his bandmates on the way to a gig or on stage in front of his adoring fans, he has a purpose. He is Chi Pig.

Punk rock makes him complete.

Punk rock makes him must push on.

Every day his life is a battle but he does it for the love of his art. His music is his salvation. His driving force.

What is it that keeps you motivated to do whatever your life's work is?

What pushes through your darker moments?

When you find out what your why is, you will be unstoppable. It will drive you to keep going no matter what.

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