Practicing Gratitude

Reflection is powerful thing.

Especially when you are reflecting on the positive things in your life.

Each and every one of us have things that we should be grateful for. Even when you feel like life is giving you the ole’ 1-2 punch, there are good things in your life. Focus on those.

They could be your family, your friends, your health, that cute girl on the bus that smiled at you, the fact that your dog is finally getting all those obedience classes…whatever it is that you are happy to have in your life, let it out. Write it down. Post it on Facebook. Let those people know that you appreciate them

How would that make you feel if someone said that to you? Wouldn’t that feel great to hear that from someone? Of course it would! So why not tell your friends and family?

Before I wrap this sucker up for the evening, I have one last thing to say…I’m grateful for all of you that have read my posts, shared your goals with me or left encouraging comments. I really appreciate it!

Thanks so much!

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