Multiple Streams of Income Kick Ass

Carrying on from yesterday's post of why I love passive residual income, I wanted to discuss the idea of having multiple streams of income.

If making money one way is good, making money a number of ways is even better!

If you had money coming in from 2, 3, 4 or more different ways what do you think that would do for your lifestyle? It'd would be pretty awesome right?

They don't necessarily all have to be making you a tonne of money with each one (although that would probably be ok with you wouldn't it?) but a little bit of money multiplied by a few ways all adds up to a lot (and we like a lot!)

If you are relying one only one way to make money, think about what your situation would be if something were to happen to that one income stream. You might be screwed. Sure you might have some savings that can help you get by for a few months, but if you had multiple streams of income coming in, you'd be sitting pretty.

So how can you make multiple streams of income?

There are a number of different ways to do it really. As I mentioned yesterday, look for ways to make passive residual income. They night be things that you set up once and forget (like a website that makes affiliate commissions for you) or side businesses.

As I mentioned before, there are sooo many ways to make money, so why would you just settle for one?

Start with setting up one and getting it to the point that it is making money one auto[ilot and then set up another one…then another and another. That way, if one of them ever dries up and stops producing for you, you still have others to fall back on.

Get out there and start putting multiple streams of income to work for you. It will help you to start living your dream lifestyle faster than ever.

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