I HEART Passive Residual Income

Trading time for dollars sucks…there, I said it.

If you want to live your dream lifestyle, trading time for dollars probably isn’t helping your cause any. What do I mean by trading time for dollars exactly?

If you get paid directly from how many hours a day you  are doing something, you are trading your time for dollars. I don’t care if you get paid $250 an hour, the whole concept sucks. What happens when you get sick, hurt yourself, or are a way on holidays? You don’t get paid.

Sure you might have some sick days used up, but those don’t last for long.

Let me be the guy to rain on your parade and be the voice of reason. Unless you win the lottery (those odds aren’t in your favour either), you’re not going to be living on the beaches of the world.

So what can you do about it?

Do something that pays residual income.

I love, love, love residual income. It makes me smile.

What is residual income? Getting paid for something each and every month.

Being able to do something once (in some occasions) and knowing that you’re getting paid each and every month is pretty awesome in my books.

So how can you make residual income?

There are a tonne of different ways to do it in many different industries or business models.

Personally, I make residual income a few ways. Some of the marketing services that I provide pay me each and every month for work I do once or have someone else do for me (outsourcing is awesome).

I’m currently building some super cool, cutting edge business directories that will have businesses paying me monthly to advertise on my web properties.

Affiliate commissions sometimes pay monthly recurring commissions as well. I will be putting together an affiliate program for my business directories as an example or you can promote other products through websites like Clickbank and Rapbank just to make a few.

Through my blog posts on this website, I have already made recurring commissions as well. There are many, many ways to make monthly recurring commissions.

Renting out real estate properties or vending machines could be another. There are so many ways of making passive residual income.

Open up your mind to different ways on how you can start making money each and every month on autopilot instead of trading your time for dollars and move one step close to living your dream lifestyle.

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