How to Get the Attention of Your Sponsor



I’ve heard stories of people harassing their sponsor trying to get their attention.

It happens in every network marketing business.

Some will try to call or email them 10 times a week.

Why do people do this?

Most likely it is becasue they feel that their success is tied to their sponsor, especially if their sponsor is someone who is having success.

It’s not. It is 100% all on you.

So how do you get the attention of your sponsor without being a nuisance?

You do whatever it takes to get results.

And then you leverage those results to get more results.

When you start making your sponsor a decent amount of money. I guarantee that they will start noticing your actions.

So how do you get results?

  • Go to your company events.
  • Listen to what the leaders in your company say (as long as what they say is working of course).
  • Take MASSIVE action.
  • Act with conviction that your company or system can help others live their dream life.
  • Do whatever it takes for you to believe 100% that it is true.
  • Position yourself for success (that means get ALL the products your company sells).
  • Be all in emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.
  • Don’t do things half-assed.

You owe it to yourself to have success. Work hard and do whatever it takes for you to get results and then leverage those results until you sponsire notices you.

That’s EXACTLY what I did.

You can do it too.

So what happened now that I got their attention?

They’ve asked me to join them on our team’s leadership council which will mean I’ll be on some team calls and webinars which will help gain me exposure for my personal brand.

It might also mean that I’ll be working more closely with them. Any chance to work closely with people that make $100,000 a month collectively is probably a good thing 😉

Results create results.

Leverage the results you have in order to get more of them.

If you don’t yet have results in your busines, leverage those of others in your team or company.

Heck, leverage mine of you want.

Whatever works to help you become more successful is cool (as long as done ethically of course).

Be creative and have fun!

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