Focus or Die

One of the biggest challenges with business, especially with doing any kind of business on the internet is focus (go ahead ask me how I know) ;)

The internet is one big black hole where an innocent “just let me watch this one quick video” will lead you down a rabbit hole of un-productivity with half a day lost with nothing to show for it  (again, ask me how I know) ;)

With whatever type of business you are involved in, you need to be laser focused on what your end goal is, and how you are going achieve it every step of the way. Never divert from that path (unless you see something shinier…no wait, that’s what you’re not supposed to do).

“Shiny object syndrome” is when people find some new fancy tool, course or whatever the next “big thing” that diverts their attention from what they should really be working on which of course is the task at hand.

Starting to see a theme here?

The internet is one of the most powerful tools ever in existence to build your business but can also be the enemy and rob you of all your productivity.

So what can you do to be free of the time sucking sites online?

Close down any and all windows that you don’t need for the task at hand.

Work in blocks of 25 min uninterrupted intervals (although I prefer 50 mins so whichever length works best for you go for it). This practice was made popular by the pomodoro technique.

Make points to only check your email at set times throughout the day 2-3 max.

Turn off your phone. Don’t answer phone calls, or texts. Return calls, emails, texts at set times during a break in between blocks of work time.

Avoid time sucking sites like Facebook and Youtube like the plague during your productive times (unless you absolutely have to be on them, then get on, do your task and get off.).

Not necessarily all of these will need to apply to you so find out which practices work best for you and stick to them. Your business’ success depends on it.

What are some of the productivity tips that work for you?

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