Empower Network Turns 1 Year Old


Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to Empower Network.

One year ago, today, Empower Network launched into the online space.

When it first launched I heard about it but didn’t pay much attention to it… BIG MISTAKE!

Now though, it’s just getting ridiculous.

Over $17 MILLION in commissions paid out in 12 months. 

That’s CRAZY!

There have been some struggles along the way but they have pushed on and grown exponentially.

The company infrastructure has grown, they’ve hired the best of the best to run the company.

They’ve added additional income streams (some BIG, BIG ones by the way).

So much in so little time….

Take a look at this picture of the monthly income of the top 30 earners…keep in mind this is out of ONLY 17,500 affiliates.

What other company in the home based industry can say they have people earning like that? NONE

David Wood’s vision for 2013 is to create 100 $250,000 a month earners.

I think that is possible…more importantly, I think anyone of us can do it with a little bit of hard work.

Over this last year, some pretty crazy things have happened.

A part time engineer, who doesn’t believe making anything over $12,000 a month was possible – and now is making $136,000 a month – with no prospecting calls, home meetings, or ‘wandering around’ of any kind. Lawrence Tam is a badass.

A burned out ex ‘Walden books’ manager – who used to make $6.50 an hour, and now this month has earned more than $114,000 in commissions. Tony Rush is a badass.

A blogger of 5 years, who never made more than $4,000 in a month, in 5 years – and who this month has made $31,000 – Justin Verrengia is a badass.

What about you? What about the people who have had their lives saved, by listening to our products?

This man is a badass, and chose not kill himself because of Empower Network: “This man’s life was saved by listening to the inner circle…”

What about the 15 year old in Malaysia – who suffers from Chron’s disease, who’s been making $3,000 a month in Empower Network – and can’t even barely eat, hold down a regular job, but this month – in October, just 4 months after getting in – has made $7,400 in commissions – all the way across the world? Bryan Tan is a badass.

My only regret, is that I can’t thank all the badasses in Empower Network, because there are too many.

What about Tracey Walker, who’s made over $50,000 this month?

Or Shaqir Hussyin, the traffic God – over $68,000, and this is his 5th month?

What about Aaron Rashkin, and his badass wife, Sophia – earning over $50,000 this month, part time?

What about Chuck Marshall, who used to have to fight for $30,000 a month, and now earns more than that every day – before he gets out of bed?

What about YOU? What are YOU going to do in 2013?

Decide to MAKE A DECISION and take the first step to a life of freedom.

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