Eat the Frog

Have you ever eaten a frog?

I haven’t (at least in the literal sense.)

What I’m actually referring to is something called “eating the frog”. It’s really just doing those things that would help us reach our goals sooner yet we put them off because we hate doing them.

For me it is cold calling. I hate it. I hate rejection. I’m a Leo dammit, I’m supposed to get praise and affection! BUT, I know if I were to make 20 cold calls every day, I would land more clients and make more money which would allow me to live my dream lifestyle sooner than if I didn’t.

For you it might be going for a jog first thing in the morning or approaching the cute girl /  guy at work. Whatever it is, you need to push outside of your comfort zone and just go for it.

Think about what you would accomplish if you forced yourself to do those things that you dread doing so much.

There’s a good chance that after a few days of doing it, it probably won’t seem so bad. You might even wonder why you dreaded doing it at all.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and “eating the frog” daily are important steps in order to reach your goals. Focusing on the prize instead of the uncomfortable “aw shit, I hate doing this” is what will help get you to hit your targets that you’ve set out for yourself.


I’d love to hear the things you hate doing but know you should be doing. If you feel like sharing below, please do so. Then update us with how far you’ve progressed after 1 week / month.

I want to leave this last quote because I think it is so applicable and I really dig it.“Everything you want in your life is just outside of your comfort zone.” Now go and get it!

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