Did Our Parents Mislead Us?

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Tonight I went to “Ignite” Vancouver. I'm not quite sure how to describe it,other than it was 9 short, 5 minute presentations made up of  15 second slides on various topics with the majority of them revolving around social media. During one of the intermissions, I was talking with an acquaintance of my girlfriend, and he was telling me how he was leaving behind his career  as an accountant to start up a new consulting business.He joked about how he was going to tell his parents that he was an entrepreneur….he said it like it was a bad thing! I joked that it was like telling them that he was coming out of the closet (not that there's anything wrong with that ; ).That seemed so odd to me ,because, I showed signs of an entrepreneur at the age of 13, so it was almost hard wired into me. Maybe it just takes longer to figure out for some people than others? As we talked about it more, he mentioned how we as kids, have been told by our parents and society to “work hard,get good grades,get a good job and be successful in the corporate world”.

I'm not against working hard, and pushing yourself to do well in school is never a bad thing of course, but the corporate world doesn't seem to be such a safe bet anymore,does it? I'm not much of a “doom and gloom” person, so I'll skip on the bad economy/ job losses and layoffs at every corner discussion.Even if you bust your ass and make that 6 figure salary, at what cost does that come at? I spoke with a young guy yesterday and he was making a decent living at his job,but he said that he was working around 100 hours a week!…and he was married! I bet his wife hardly knew what he looked like working those kinds of hours!
My first question to him was, “is that talking a toll on you mentally,physically or emotionally?” He answered “all of the above”! Making all the money in the world is great, but if you are too busy or tired to enjoy it, then what good is it?

The thing that I found really funny, as we sat there in between speakers, random people came up to us and started up conversations (networking !!).The accountant turned consultant said “and we were told by our parents not to talk to strangers!” Were we being mislead all these years? Sure, it made sense back then, but it seems to be so backwards now don't you think? There were some interesting people in that room ,so why not get to know them? Who knows what you might learn from them or what sort of opportunity they may present you.

All in all, I had a pretty good time.I hadn't gone there with any intentions on “working it” because, to be honest, I wasn't really sure what to expect going to an event like that in the first place. Now I now for next time ; )

Moral of the story? Work hard,but not too hard.Enjoy life to the fullest.You only get one shot at it…Also,get out and talk to people.You may just meet someone that may change your life for the better…oh yeah, and don't always believe what your parents tell you ; )

One last thing…check out Cameron Herold's story.His parents got it right.

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Oliver Tausend

Hi Nat,
really great article. Thanks for sharing it. I used to be one of the misled too 😉 and it was hard work to let go of the “work for money”-mentality. And when it comes to the warning not to talk strangers, well, today I talked to a lady in her fifties, she’s really fit on the internet and with social media and she wants to quit her job badly. But guess what, her son is warning her about all the crooks on the internet. Sometimes even the young generation has irrational objections. Let’s see if she wants to fire her boss badly enough.
Be blessed


Well, that just goes to show that all generations can have it wrong I guess.
Having a bit of skepticism is ok and I think it is naturally to be wary of certain people and sites as their are some bad people and bad sites out there, but I think those are few and far between.As long as she does some homework before signing up for just any old program, I’m sure that she’ll be o.k.Good for her for wanting to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity that we have!
Thanks for the posts Oliver! Have a great day!

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