Dealing With Unexpected Issues

Things in your business, just like in regular life can sneak up on you unexpectedly. The question is, how will you choose to react to them?

You can only plan for so many things. The rest are the ones that rear up when you’re least expecting them.

Will you learn from this experience in hopes that if / when it happens again, you’re a little better prepared to deal with it.

The story I mention about my plumbing issue (which I did fix by the way, albeit more time consuming that I had expected. Isn’t that always the case?) reminded my of a great business concept that many have never thought of and made for an “aha!” moment when I first learned about it.

The idea is to calculate how much your time is worth by the hour and then outsource all the tasks in your life that are worth less than what your hourly rate is. If you currently bill yourself out hourly, then that part is easy.

If you don’t bill yourself out hourly then you should calculate how much you make a year or how much you WANT to make in a year and then work it backwards.

That will give you an hourly total which you then weigh against how much would it be to outsource picking up your dry-cleaning or doing some plumbing in my case. It is easier said than done, but if you could focus more time on working “on” your business (rather than ”in” your business) you would see your business growing faster than ever before.

It is a brilliant concept in my opinion and allows you to free up a tonne of time that isn’t really adding any value to your life.

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