Clearing Your Workspace

Yesterday I discussed how it is important to clear your mind of all the extra thoughts that  fill up your free space and prevent you from being productive or getting a good night's rest.

Continuing on that path, I thought it made sense to discuss how working in an clean and organized environment can save you time and energy.

While it may not be the sexiest subject, it is one that quite a few of us can relate to. What does your workspace look like right now?

This is mine now (although trust me, it isn't always like this).

It's not all that uncommon for me to have random business cards, or papers littered about with random scribblings or invoices. It sure looks a hell of a lot better when my desk is tidy which makes me feel better about sitting down to get things done.

Let alone, the extra minute or two that I save when I actually need to find a paper in the pile.

Now let's talk desktops. Some thing. Sure you can use the search function on your computer but what if you can't remember what the heck you called that file in the first place?

Not only does clutter on your desktop cause panic or slow you down when you need a particular file,  it actually causes your computer to run slower!

I HATE when my computer runs slow so anything I can do to help it run at optimal speed is all good in my books!

Doesn't the right image just look so much more inviting? I want to go ride those mountains right now as a matter of fact…ah, Mt. Baker, how I love you….

In the end, the less clutter in your life the better. It doesn't matter if it's in your mind, on your dek, in your car, on your desktop, in a show box, whatever! Just clear it out, let your mind work at maximum capacity and start rocking it! You deserve it!

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