Being Involved In A Mastermind Group

It kinda sounds sounds like you’re part of some evil scheme to take over the world doesn’t it? In a way you are…scheming that is, but it isn’t necessarily just for evil doers and diabolical geniuses. Muah ah ahhhh. Sorry, I got a little carried away there ;)

Being involved in a mastermind group is another thing that wealthy and success focused people do like I mentioned in my post Have a Rich Mindset from 2 days ago.

What the heck is a mastermind group and why should you be involved in one?

Really all it is, is a small group of like minded people who get together on a regular basis to pull together their resources and brain power to help each other reach a common goal.

Let’s face it, it can be very beneficial to hear other people’s perspectives on things that you are working on or struggling to get through. Sometimes all it takes is a pair of fresh eyes to look at something for the first time to be able to suggest something that you didn’t think of.

Have you ever been so entrenched in a project that you weren’t able to look objectively at what you were doing? Most likely the answer is yes.

If each of you are trying to accomplish the same things, why go on your own to create everything when the project can be split between all of or some of the members of your mastermind? Think about how much time you can save. Obviously, certain members of your group with have strengths that you don’t have and vice versa. Assign tasks to the people that excel in that related field.

Being part of a mastermind group is a great way to brainstorm new ideas, get help on issues that are holding you back from reaching your goals and being part of a community of people similar to yourself. There is also an element of accountability that goes along with it.

My suggestions to you is to seek out a few like-minded people who would see the value in working together to reach common goals. Keep in mind that they don’t have to live in the same areas as you. Leverage technology such as Skype, Google + Hangouts or others and commit to meeting on a regular schedule. My mastermind groups meets weekly for an hour, but I know of others that meet monthly or quarterly depending on what level of commitment you all have.

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