Being Held Accountable

Some people may not need to pay attention to this, but I'd assume that most of us could benefit from this topic. It's being held accountable for things that you need to do that will help you reach your goals in life.

Much of the time, it is too easy to say we are going to do something and then put it off until later or never even get around to it. Be honest with yourself, there has probably been a few times when you had good intentions about doing something but never got around to it. Maybe you would have accomplished that task if someone held you accountable for your actions.

Maybe you already have someone that does. It could be your boss, your manager (if you still have a J.O.B) or your spouse and kids, your business partner, your teammates, people in your mastermind group, your coach, whoever.

Some people might be good enough with holding yourself accountable. If that works for you then fine. For me, it isn't good enough and I'm just being honest with myself with saying that. You would think that not getting something done in time, which then translates into lost opportunity or revenue would be enough to light a fire under my ass, but it isn't. I find that interesting because I'm obviously working to become financially awesome, but I think deep down what is more important than money for me, is not letting others down when I say that I'm going to do something. The opinions of of other (at least the ones I care about) matter to me in a big way. I hate to let people down.

So for me personally, having other people hold me accountable to get things done when I say I'm going to get things done is what works. I also seem to function better under pressure and tend to leave things until the last minute (which is stupid) but the pressure seems to get me going.

I'm not saying what works for me is the most logical, I'm just being honest with what I know works best for me.

So with that said, find someone to hold you accountable for getting tasks done on time, whether that is you or someone else and most importantly be honest with yourself. You're only cheating yourself if you say that you can hold yourself accountable and then not follow through and let it slide if you fail to accomplish you task.

Some people will benefit from forming an accountability group of their peers or have coach hold them accountable. Whatever works for you do it.

Being accountable to someone or yourself will help you get more things done on time which of course translates into more success more productivity, more clients, more income, more of whatever it is you're trying to accomplish.

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