Always Over Deliver

If there is one rule for business, it should be to always over deliver.

Unfortunately in our society today there is so much hype. It’s pathetic really.

Things like “Click a button once a day and make a bajaillion dollars” or “drink this shake and lose 30 lbs in 5 minutes” have no credibility whatsoever and yet we hear things like that multiple times in a day. No wonder most people are so skeptical.

By under promising and being “real” without making any bold claims, you set your customers expectations right from the start. THEN when you totally crush those expectations and deliver far beyond that, you are a golden god and can do no wrong in your customer’s eyes.

That’s what I try to do with my clients.

Be real with them, set expectations and then proceed to blow those expectations out of the water. It may not always work out like that every single time but it’s definitely what I strive to do and when it does, it can pay off in spades.

Take this morning for example. I met with a client that I’ve been working with for about 6 months. He is very happy with the results that I’ve given him this far and he informed me that he has a new business venture on the near horizon that I’m going to handle all the marketing for. He could have easily had the franchise that will soon be part of handle most of it, but he decided to let me run with it.

It’s a great opportunity for me and I’m very excited about it.

Were there other factors that led him to make this go this route? Possibly, but I can guarantee the fact that I over delivered and provided good results made for a very large part of his decision.

Thing about how over delivering in your business can benefit you. In fact, take it farther and think about how under promising and over delivering can work in your personal life as well. Good things wil come to you if you do!

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